The new Inarca Inar-HT Low Insertion Force and Safety terminal is specifically oriented to the household appliance industry, since purposely studied for applications in appliances required to operate at high temperatures, needing the use of nickel-plated steel as main raw material.

The terminal is included in two families of Inarca catalogue: Inar-LIF, category where the company positions its production of low insertion force terminals, and Inar-Safety, consisting of terminals and connector system for safety connections.

The main requisite of the new terminal design developed by Inarca was achieving a lower insertion force compared to the existing terminals and, at the same time, reaching a suitable contact pressure for granting stable electric performances in time.

The sophisticated geometry of the “box” that has been implemented has widely assured the initial technical requisites. The solid structure that characterizes the terminal grants easy “machinability”, which in Inarca’s devising and production process represented another fundamental requisite of the project.

The last point worth underlining concerns the aspects that share in the manufacturing process, which have deserved particular attention, to achieve an innovative and performing, but at the same time economically interesting, product.

The new terminal is already available in the two families for crimping wire ranges: 0.3-1.0 square millimeters and 1.0-2.5 square millimeters.