The preservation of the environment and the protection of human health and safety are some of the principles that guarantee the solidity of our future

The Environment


We make every effort to protect the environment and prevent pollution. We go about our daily tasks fully aware that what we consume, exploit and destroy will not be recreated tomorrow.

Waste disposal and recycling

Over 80% of our waste is recovered.

The recovery and recycling of production waste and the disposal of company waste all takes place via authorised companies. This gives us greater assurance as to the control of our output waste and on its conformity with environmental regulations. Sampling and analysis activities are carried out by accredited external labs.

Resource management

Our activities are planned and monitored with a view to minimising the impact on resources

Specific improvement objectives have been set and operational procedures have been defined at all levels of the organisation. From a design perspective, we focus on reducing both the resources required for production, with the concurrent recovery of scrap, as well as decreasing production times. Packaging management also involves minimising packaging, in compliance with safety and quality requirements.

Renewable energy

The annual energy produced has allowed us to reduce by 112,517 kg/annum our emissions.

We have relied on renewable energy since 2011, having installed approximately 1400 m2 of photovoltaic panels, which can produce up to 30,000 kWh in the summer months. This not only contributes towards covering part of our company’s energy requirements, but it also increases our commitment to a sustainable energy future.


Eco-compatibility of our products

We promote the development of scientific and technological research, investing on average more than 10% of our turnover

Our goal is to study products and develop processes that are increasingly compatible with the environment and focused on customer health and safety, as well as characterised by an increasing emphasis on employee health and safety. We pay particular attention to the materials used in all our production processes, both for the mandatory compliance and for the health and safety of our employees and our customers.

Supply chain

At Inarca, we manage the purchasing of goods and services in accordance with the principles of transparency and fairness.

Predetermined criteria for the selection, evaluation and management of suppliers are used, taking into account their technical, economic, capital and financial reliability as well as compliance with the principles of the Code of Ethics. This results in a thorough and objective assessment of quality, price and ability to supply and guarantee adequate service levels.

Pollution and emissions

All our equipment is fitted with filtering systems that help to keep the air clean and the conducted emissions are analysed by an external laboratory on a regular basis.

In recent years, after having significantly reduced the use of lubricating oils, we have maintained the result achieved. All the water used in the surface treatment department is treated in a dedicated water treatment plant and disposed of by the Integrated Water Service Manager. In-house inspections are carried out to check the quality of the water discharged, which is also analysed on a regular basis by an external lab and the Water Board.

Resource management and emission analysis are part of our continuously improving and ISO 14001 certified control plan.



In addition to guaranteeing the quality of what we do, we try to do it while respecting what surrounds us and the people who share our work.

Health and safety

We do not limit ourselves simply to complying with the applicable environmental and safety legislation, but we also take steps towards prevention and improvement.

We believe that all our employees and other third parties who access the workplace should be able to operate in a comfortable and safe environment. Compliance with standards and safeguarding occupational safety has ensured the development of a safety culture. Processes, business areas and risks to which workers are exposed have been carefully mapped out. With a view to continuous improvement, the risk assessments are updated on a regular basis. For the protection of safety, the environment and also production continuity, potential emergency situations, including environmental, are managed through periodic simulations.


We believe in the growth of our workers, which we contribute towards in the form of over 19,000 hours of training per annum.

Investing in young talent means building our tomorrow: this is the reason we take part in student fairs, offer work placement opportunities, apprenticeships and also support local schools.


The health and well-being of our employees is paramount and continues to be our priority.

Over the years, we have carried out various analysis and evaluation activities, for instance by assessing work-related stress risk or analysing the workplace. Every year, we deliver a corporate welfare service via a platform, which supplements productivity bonuses and rewards. In addition, we offer flu vaccination services and healthcare assistance on the Metasalute platform.

We bring our principles to our professional activities, to our relationships with every person who comes into contact with Inarca

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