From this year, Inarca supports FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano through the membership subscription program ‘Corporate Golden Donor’.


Together with FAI Inarca would like to make Italy a better place where to live, work and grow up our children.

FAI defends and protects the environment and the cultural heritages of this country.

These are the most important resources where we can invest as Italy is a country to be developed and whose value is to be enhanced.

Thanks to its numerous supporters, both private and companies, FAI has been managing up to 56 assets on all the national territory for more than 40 years, such as  some important historical and artistic sites saved from neglect and now restored and re-opened to visitors.


Every day FAI protects and makes accessible many artistic, environmental and cultural sites spread in the countryside, in towns and along Italian coasts to everybody.

FAI aims to bring people up and make them more sensitive to knowledge, to respect and care of the art and nature, monitoring and intervening on the national territory.


Inarca wants Italy to be more protected and considerable: therefore, it works with FAI to realize this ambitious project.